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Who is SceneCraft for?

SceneCraft is for ecommerce merchants, marketers, and influencers. SceneCraft gives you AI superpowers to tell a more vivid story about your products to boost sales. SceneCraft generates stunning social posts in seconds using generative AI, including images and text captions that incorporate your brand language and visual style.

What problem does SceneCraft solve?

It's exhausting and expensive “feeding the feed” - creating a steady stream of fresh, unique, and brand-consistent content about your products. But it's essential to staying top of mind in noisy social channels and converting your target audience to buyers. SceneCraft enables merchants to always have compelling content that can drive sales, without paying for photographers, renting venues, or iterating with designers.

How do I get started with SceneCraft?

All you need is a picture of your product, with or without a background. Then you can choose an inspiration image - an example scene where you would like to see your product - from our catalog or upload your own. SceneCraft uses AI to generate realistic scenes in the same style as the inspiration image, showcasing your product in common lifestyle shots as well in new ways never before possible.

What social feeds and content formats does SceneCraft support?

SceneCraft creates images, videos, text captions, and complete Instagram posts using AI. Users can post directly to Instagram or choose to download the images and text to use them in other marketing channels and content. We'll be adding support for more channels and content formats soon!

Does SceneCraft integrate with eCommerce Platforms?

SceneCraft will soon support direct integration with Shopify, allowing merchants to easily import product details directly into SceneCraft to streamline their workflow and to leverage product, sales, and customer data to further customize and target content generation.

Still have questions?

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