SceneCraft Pro

Meet your AI Marketer

Save time, save money, and grow your sales

The always-on AI employee for ecommerce merchants
Understands your brand, products, and audience
Automatically creates images, videos, and copy to increase engagement and sales is integrated with Shopify, Facebook and Instagram
Expand your marketing team in a click and get more done!
Trusted by over 4,000 brands

Get fresh ideas for content that converts

Get new ideas for showcasing your products and connecting with your buyers. Monica is your Creative Assistant who proposes ideas and helps creates content, in your brand style. Now you can get content faster, personalized for more target audiences, and convert more viewers into buyers.

Save thousands on photoshoots

Upload just one product image and get professional photos and videos for social posts, ads, websites, and more. Want to realize your own vision? Just drag and drop to make beautiful custom scenes with your products, from lifestyle shots to studio close-ups. Choose from over 360 backdrops to start with across 7 different categories - there's something for every product.

Custom content delivered to you each week, ready to publish

With SceneCraft Pro, get fresh beautiful content delivered to you each week, ready for your review and approval. Easily provide feedback and get fast turnaround on any revisions you request, to get exactly the content you need. No more phone calls, frustration, and money spent on designers or agencies that just don't get you.

BrandKit keeps it on-brand

SceneCraft applies your brand style when generating visual content and writing descriptions. Just provide a link to your website or connect your Shopify store, and SceneCraft automatically learns your brand's style, values, and tone and apply them when it creates new content.

Get insights on what's working and why

View analytics on the content you publish and gain valuable insights about your customers. Understand what resonates with different customer segments and optimize your content generation to further improve engagement and sales.

Use our Caption Generator to add captions to the images you created with SceneCraft

Customize images in a click

Add props or make changes to your scene with a simple text prompt. No more fiddling with brushes and pixels. SceneCraft is your AI editor to get beautiful, brand-worthy product images in a fraction of the time.

Turn any scene into a video

Videos are proven to help customers connect with your product and can dramatically lift conversion rates. Create scroll-stopping videos from a single image, then publish to your social channels to attract and convert customers.

Use our Caption Generator to add captions to the images you created with SceneCraft

Get captions that convert

Get fresh and compelling copy in your brand voice. Choose from AI-written captions for your images and videos that engage your target audience and maximize conversions.

Use our Caption Generator to add captions to the images you created with SceneCraft

Publish directly to Instagram and watch your sales grow

Shopify Integration

Leveraging the data and content from your store

Sample Content.

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Enjoyed by customers seeking fresh content


“This app has so much potential to up end the costly product photography business. This is a perfect tool for small businesses or even big business who need some new product photos.”

– Highest brain

Cool Photo Creation Tool

“Pretty cool! I was able to take photos of a lamp in my office I wanted to sell, but make it look like I had taken the photo in a cool scene out of a magazine. The images were ready for me to use to post this item onto eBay and I think the better photo will help it sell.”

– Julius57

Great App Launch

“Let’s you on the go generate lots of images with your product in it. High utility for a fairly simple app that needs only few taps to get results.”

– Surrealriffe

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Who is SceneCraft for?

SceneCraft is for ecommerce merchants, marketers, and influencers. SceneCraft gives you AI superpowers to tell a more vivid story about your products to boost sales. SceneCraft generates stunning social posts in seconds using generative AI, including images and text captions that incorporate your brand language and visual style.

What problem does SceneCraft solve?

It's exhausting and expensive "feeding the feed" - creating a steady stream of fresh, unique, and brand-consistent content about your products. But it's essential to staying top of mind in noisy social channels and converting your target audience to buyers. SceneCraft enables you to always have compelling content that can drive sales, without paying for photographers, renting venues, or iterating with designers.

How do I get started with SceneCraft?

All you need is a picture of your product, with or without a background. Then can choose a scene from our examples or describe in text the scene that you want. SceneCraft uses AI to generate realistic images that show your product integrated into the scene.

What social feeds and content formats does SceneCraft support?

SceneCraft creates images, videos, text captions, and complete Instagram posts using AI. Users can post directly to Instagram or choose to download the images and text to use them in other marketing channels and content. We'll be adding support for more channels and content formats soon!

Does SceneCraft integrate with eCommerce Platforms?

SceneCraft is integrated with Shopify, allowing merchants to easily import product details directly into SceneCraft to streamline their workflow and to leverage product, sales, and customer data to further customize and target content generation.

Why is SceneCraft better than using OpenAI or other Generative AI tools?

SceneCraft provides one simple workflow designed for ecommerce companies, enabling you to create compelling content, publish it, and get sales results quickly. Instead of having to buy and learn multiple tools for generating images, text, and viewing analytics, SceneCraft is one app that brings together everything you need into one fast and easy flow. It includes unlimited content creation for one affordable price, so you have the freedom to create as much as you like. Our AI models are also tuned for product imagery, so you can trust SceneCraft to exactly reproduce your product, unlike other AI tools that can distort your products and visual brand language.

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