Boost Your Sales with Lifestyle Images: The Formula for Ecommerce Success

An online merchant doing product and photography research for her brand.
David Martinez
October 11, 2023

In this post we'll cover the importance of lifestyle images and how they can provide a sales boost.

Hey there, savvy ecommerce store owner! So, you've mastered the art of product photography, but now it's time to take your online store to the next level. Get ready to dive into the world of lifestyle imagery, the magic wand that'll make your products fly off the virtual shelves! 🚀 What are lifestyle images you ask?  They capture real-life events and scenarios. In the context of ecommerce, lifestyle photos show online shoppers what products look like in their natural environment.

Why Do You Need Lifestyle Images?

Think about it. When you're buying something online, don't you love it when you see photos of that product in action? Whether it's a snazzy backpack, a cozy blanket, or even a mouthwatering burger, seeing it in a real-life scenario makes you want it even more. That's the power of lifestyle images!

Metrics Don't Lie: The Sales Boost is Real!

Let's get down to the nitty-gritty numbers. According to some studies, adding lifestyle images to your product pages can increase your conversion rates by a whopping 24%. That means more people saying "yes" to your goodies!

  • Products with lifestyle photos can get up to 58% more views. That's like having a virtual crowd of potential buyers checking out your stuff. (
  • Shoppers are 40% more likely to share products on social media when they see them in action. Free promotion, anyone? (
  • Reduce your return rate, as up to 22% of returns occur because a product does not match the photos.  People know exactly what they're getting, so they're less likely to send it back. Cha-ching! (

Getting Started with Lifestyle Images

Now, let's break it down into simple steps:

Step 1: Know Your Audience

Understand your customers like a best friend. What are their dreams, hobbies, and everyday challenges? Tailor your lifestyle images to match their lifestyle.

Step 2: Create a Story

Imagine your product as the hero in a story. Show how it can make your customer's life better, easier, or more exciting. The story should be as clear as day!

Step 3: Use Related Items as Props

Feature your product with relatable props around them to help illustrate scale and usage. People want to see your product in use. This builds trust.

Step 5: Consistency is Key

Keep your style consistent across your website and social media. It makes your brand memorable and trustworthy.

Step 6: Measure and Improve

Don't forget to track your progress using analytics. Adjust your strategy based on what's working best for your audience.

In Conclusion: Let Your Products Shine!

With lifestyle images, you're not just selling products; you're selling dreams, experiences, and solutions. These images bring your products to life and make them irresistible. So, go ahead, sprinkle some storytelling magic into your ecommerce store, and watch those sales skyrocket! 🌠💰